Happy Holidays from NYUPS

When: December 12, 2014

The last week in November there was a fire at Alpha Fusion. No one was hurt but there was extensive damage. Henry was hoping to have repairs finished in time for NYUPS to have a December meeting. It does not look like repairs will be finished in time. 
We want to wish all NYUPS members and the staff at Alpha a happy holiday season.
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NYUPS October Meeting: “Topside Showcase”…

When: October 10, 2014

Tuesday – October 7th, 2014
When we’re not busy under the waves blowing bubbles, diving takes us to some pretty amazing destinations. Pick your head up out of the water for even a minute and there’s often a wealth of local cultures and vistas to be observed.
At the October NYUPS we want to see your best topside images from rec … Read More

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NYUPS September Meeting: “Sharks at Night” with Joe Romeir…

When: September 9, 2014
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Wednesday – September 10th, 2014
Can’t get enough of Sharks even after Discovery’s Shark Week? 
Join us for a special September meeting, where renowned shark videographer Joe Romeiro will give a jaw-some talk about filming sharks…at night! Joe will give us a first-hand look at diving with lemons, tigers, oc … Read More


NYUPS August 2014 Meeting: Macro and Whales

When: August 8, 2014

Tuesday August 5th, 2014
Macro and Whales
Last month Rick Morris showed us the splendor of one of the largest creatures on earth; the sperm whale. The month before PJ shared her Indonesia macro images and explained her creative process. Now it is your turn.
We want to see your macro or whale underwater images at the August NYUPS … Read More


NYUPS July 2014 Meeting: Searching for Moby Dick

When: July 7, 2014

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014
“Searching for Moby Dick” By Rick Morris  
Sperm whales are the largest and least studied of the toothed whales and spend nearly 90% of their lives in the deep, dark depths of the ocean.   Feeding primarily on squid they hunt by sonar and tend to swallow not chew their food only havi … Read More

Pontohi Pygmy Seahorse Swimming.jpg

NYUPS June 2014 Meeting: Macro Magic

When: June 6, 2014
Pontohi Pygmy Seahorse Swimming.jpg

June 17th, 2014
Macro Magic
This month we have a guest speaker, Patricia “PJ”  Jordan, who will be showing her amazing images, and she always has a great story to go with them!
Shhhhh!!  It’s a secret!  
For many years, my preference was to shoot wide angle underwater whenever I had the … Read More